About us

Our Origin

The word Quadratic has its etymology in the Latin word Quadratum, meaning square. The square has held the pride of place from the ancient times, with references found in Babylonia, Greek and Indian civilizations. The square is one of the simplest and most elegant fundamental building blocks in design,architecture and mathematics. It signifies dependability and integrity
At Quadratic Consulting, we strive to deliver real business value with the same simplicity,dependability and integrity

Our Vision & Mission

“Enable our clients in making sustainable and substantial improvements in performance”
  • simplicity and elegance in our approach
  • Bringing creativity to solve problems in the most efficient manner possible
  • Adhering to the highest standards of ethics and morality
  • Working collaboratively with our clients

Management Team

Quadratic Consulting is led by a team of seasoned management consultants, researchers and industry specialists. They have a combined experience of 100+ years working in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Middle east, China, Singapore and India with Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 clients across diverse industries including Hi-Tech, Consumer Software, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking & Financial Services. They are graduates of premier institutions in India like IITs, IIMs and ISB


Our Differentiators

  • Quadratic consulting as its name suggests does not practice a pyramid structure of project execution. We believe that clients deserve the maturity and knowledge that comes from years of experience. So all are projects are only staffed with senior professionals with a minimum experience of 10+ years
  • The core team of Quadratic consulting is built of experienced entrepreneurs who truely understand the value of actionable advice
  • The team has deep domain experience in various industry and functions. We can relate to and understand the engagements that you might bring to us
  • We make extensive use of tools that we have refined over numerous engagement to accelerate our engagements